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With the rapid development of induistry and technology,the living environment is getting worse in recent decades,and human is facing a serious threat for their health and survival rights.However,the development of natural organic textiles can make a better situation.Since the planting process without harmful chemical fertilizer,pesticide and prohibit transgenic,as well as the manufacture process does not add any harmful chemical additive.These procedures are not only environmental-friendly,but also avoid direct violation to human skin.


Natures Purest Textile (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. specializes in planting,researching,producing and promoting of organic cotton products.We have a large organic naturally colored cotton farm which is certified by NOP.The raw materials,including naturally colored cotton,yarn,knitted and woven fabric,are all approved by GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.The company’s own brand “SIMPLY·SIMPLE”,is leading the organic textile industry by its unique design and philosophy.Its successful products include towels,socks,underwear,baby wear,leisure wear,bed linen etc.


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